On the Radio……just can’t wait to get on the radio ….
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 It was so much fun and meeting Joey Giggles was a blast. I’m loud. I know I’m loud, but Joey Giggles has that booming radio personality voice that just breaks through the silence and captivates. I loved listening to him talk, and I’m sure he had problems understanding me through my Southern Belle Accent. What a hoot! This has been my week for radio, and it’s been a blast. Of course, finding out after the fact that the show didn’t end when it was supposed to was a little unnerving. That’s exactly what happened while I was being interviewed by Lynda Kaye Frazier with MFRW (Marketing For Romance Writers)… our very informal, altogether friendly chat about everything from writing and books to spoiled puppy dogs ended abruptly when we both thought the show had ended. Still engaged in conversation the two of us continued our conversation touching on marketing, networking, twitter and my fear of real radio station mic’s. Imagine my surprise when I logged into email and read an email on the group list explaining how the show really hadn’t ended and how great the show was. I feel like a real celebrity now. They have a real knack for talking nonsense and doing things like this. LOL… I just told one of my close friends that perhaps I should be banned from radio….that, or I need to get a show of my own. Now, there’s a thought. Stay tuned I’m sure I’ll more adventures to share shortly.


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