Why are blog hops popular?



****Thank you Tammie for having me as a guest on your blog today. It’s a pleasure to meet your followers***


Why are blog hops popular? I can only tell you why I think they are from my own experience.

I’ve been involved in a few recently and tho I hesitated at first to take the time away from my writing, I had become feeling a bit secular in my little office. I mean there’s a real world out there and I’ve lived in my characters heads for so long, I’d begun talking like them at home. And trust me; the gritty language used in “Roll the Dice” didn’t sit well with my family. LOL

So…when I had a chance to get involved in a blog hop with S.J. Bourne and Tammie I jumped at the chance. Although there was some work involved, it was different from my daily norm and pulled me out of the rut I had nestled into so happily. I guess the best thing about the whole process—and trust me, this part is invaluable—you can make a whole bunch of new friends. I have. People who I probably would never have met if I hadn’t taken the leap. Plus, I have no doubt the reason my book sales are rising is from the group efforts at advertising.



And that is another plus we can’t ignore. I’m always on about how important it is to belong to groups. And that’s true. But the reason is – that promoting within a group gives you a heck of a lot longer range than one person trying desperately to push their own work. And blog hops are all about the group. They’re a little like doing a blog tour without all the expense that one has if they sign up for a professional one. I’m not saying it’s as effective… I have no doubt it isn’t. But it’s fun and helps you to see other’s work at the same time.




Let’s face it. If you’re like me, there’s days when you sit in front of the computer looking at the blank page of your blog and wondering what the hell you can blather on about today? Thankfully, I can honestly say that it doesn’t happen to me very often because I’ve become fanatical about writing down any and every idea no matter where I am. Therefore, I have a list I can choose from. But isn’t it lovely sometimes to have a wonderful guest and not have to produce the work yourself? I do SO appreciate those days.




The books I’m promoting on this blog hop are my two Anthologies. Mimi’s Mix which has a fast-paced, romantic suspense short story called “Partners” book #1 from the Vegas series, a humorous full novel from the Angels with Attitudes series called “His Devious Angel” and a lovely novella called “He’s Her” from the spirit travel Vicarage Bench series. All for only $.99




The other – The Vicarage Bench Anthology has three humorous novellas from the spirit-travel, time-travel Vicarage Bench series called “She’s Me”, “He’s Her” and “We’re One”.




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