Trace Broyles – Estelan
Young Adult Fantasy
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The battle for Estelan begins.

Many annuals have passed since Estelan was nearly destroyed in a great battle between two deities. Isthile is all that remains. Built and protected over generations by survivors who evolved and learned to exist in the shadows of the ever watchful moon.

In one evening the fragile existence of Isthile is threatened when remnants of an ancient Darkness lay siege to the town’s elders. The eldest, Lord Kriton escapes to safety with a small band of young Isthiliens bearing old magic of Light. Kriton must convince them to fight the growing darkness, unlock their own powers, and unravel the secrets of Estelan’s past to fulfill the prophecy that can save their world.

When nothing is at it seems, these young warriors must make their own ways even if it means leaving the behind everything they have ever known.

Excerpt from Estelan:

A shadowy figure slipped between the cracking, blistered tree trunks. Its curses carried forth on the blustering wind forcing woodland creatures to flee. The flora wilted where It paused to rest. Ragged breaths caught when a branch cracked.
“My Lord, all is not lost.” A cloaked figure stepped into a beam of moonlight and faced the shadow. “There are still ways to win.”
The shadow spat, “What is left to win? This world is worth nothing now, it will die too soon.”
“No, my Lord. It will not die because of the girl’s sacrifice. There are survivors and they will seek each other out to rebuild. The power of the core is vast and will heal itself. In time we can make it as it was, rejoin the halves, take the orbs for our own and harness the power of the core.” The cloaked figure reached out to the shadow. “I beg of you, allow me to move forward with my plan. You can rest while we wait and when the time is right we shall raise an army to defeat the survivors.”
“Hide from those lesser? Is that what you would have me do?” The shadow hissed, its eyes burning red in the dark cloud.
“No, my Lord, never. I am but suggesting you rest and watch while I perform the menial tasks to simple for your greatness.” The cloaked figure bowed respectfully to the shadow.
“A rest. Yes. Fair enough, servant.” The shadow curled into itself until all that remained was a wisp of black smoke. It rocketed through the air and into the cloaked figure’s hood.

You can read a larger excerpt by visiting the Amazon link above. 


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